No-Fuss Damage Renovation in Hammersmith by One Builders

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Expense. Inconvenience. And an insult to the place that represents your comfort and security. When you need property damage repair in Hammersmith, all of these things are factors. So make sure that the company you choose to put things right addresses them all.

What’s Special About Damage Restoration by One Builders?

You need builders with the skills to do the required work of course. But it’s not just about repairing the door that the burglar destroyed. Or replacing the plasterboard the flood ruined. Damage renovation in Hammersmith is also about returning the soul to your home.

How One Builders restores your battered and bruised home

  • Work starts with a survey and a comprehensive assessment of the damage done
  • You’ll receive a written quotation which can be shared with your insurance company
  • The initial focus of your work is centred on making sure there’s no further deterioration and making your property safe
  • Book a one-stop service for damage repair, running from initial making good through to final redecoration
  • You’ll pay a fair price for honest work from builders with integrity.
A Prompt and Competent Response

You’ll want to get the damage put right just as quickly as it can be. Your One Builders Hammersmith surveyor will get to you promptly. The first stage is always making sure that there’s no further harm being done. For instance, after a plumbing failure, checking to see that there’s no further seepage is a priority.

Safety is vital, so wiring and structural work are top of the list. Damaged materials or goods are removed so the making good can begin. Throughout the work, your damage restoration team in Hammersmith will do everything possible to minimise inconvenience. If you’re still living in the property, your needs will be considered while the work is completed.

This service is suitable for business properties too. The most common request is for home damage repairs after flooding. Oher possibilities include repairs to shops or warehouses after a fire. Or making good a rental property after tenants have defaced it.

Get Your Damage Repairs in Hammersmith Underway

Getting in touch with One Builders Hammersmith is simple. Send us a message using the contact form on this site and we’ll get back to you. Or, use our phone line. This is staffed every weekday from 9 am to 7 pm. The number to call is 020 3404 6077.


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